Traveling With Kids -5 Top Ways To Entertain Kids While Traveling

Alex Vacation 001Well Summer is here and we are all planning something to for our summer vacation. Traveling with kids can be a challenge, no matter if it’s in a car, or airplane. Kids gets antsy and most can’t set still for long periods of time. So the trick is to make the traveling fun for them.


When the boredom sets in with kids they become restless and hungry, with that comes crankiness. A combination of both can mean the vacation is not going to be fun for you or your kids. If you take some time to prepare before you go on your fun vacation this year, everyone will be much happier and have fond memories of the experience for years to come.



1)      Pack Travel Bags


Bring along a travel bag, one for each kid. Don’t forget that favorite stuffed animal, or toy. I like to bring a blanket and pillow for naps along the way. Sleeping in the car is one of my favorite pastimes. ;-)


Now you want to bring snacks and drinks. Put them in spill proof containers. We like to bring two coolers, one large one for everything and a small cooler to close to the front so we can just grab something without pulling over. Bring cups to drink out of in plastic cups with straws that don’t spill out. Snacks can be put in small baggies and grabbed up when the kids get hungry. This can be anything from small crackers like Fishes…my personal favorite food for travel. Or you can put some cheerio’s cereal in the bags, they make great snacks.


2)      Bring Coloring/ Activity Books


I love to use portable trays, they are so great to use as not only a personal activity center, but you can also eat on them. What is great about them is that the kids can color on them and not loose there crayons on the floor while the car is moving. Bring some paper and colored pens so they can draw if they want to as well.


I like to buy new coloring books and crayons, for the trip and give as a surprise. That makes them more fun to use and are more likely to be excited to draw and color in them.


3)      Bring Toys and Games Designed for Traveling


Buy toys and games that are designed for travel. There is nothing more agrivating than playing a game and all the pieces are going all over the place while you drive. This will avoid a lot of crying about items dropped on the floor.


Keep all the kids items within reach of them. They will be having so much fun digging in their bag and pulling out new items to play with, that they won’t realize how much time has gone by. Also if you have a variety of different fun toys and games that they can play together all the more fun they will have.



4)      Pick up a few Disposable Cameras


Investing in a few disposable cameras can create hours of fun for children, without the worry of it breaking or becoming damaged by an accidental drink spill, especially if you purchase the waterproof type. Give each child a camera and ask him or her to take pictures of items that he or she has never seen before. This makes it fun and can keep children occupied for hours if traveling by ground.


Once you arrive at your final destination, have your child’s pictures developed so he or she can immediately see what kind of pictures were taken. Younger children, especially, really enjoy taking pictures, so stocking up on a few disposable cameras can be a worthwhile investment.


5)      Don’t forget The Electronic Items


Movies are loved by all and can be great fun watching on your road trip, buy a new movie for the trip. Some kids love to play games, buy a new game for them just for the road trip and the hours will just slip away.

Always remember to pack up all the chargers and extra batteries for the toys and games.


See it’s easy to think of fun ways to entertain your kids while you’re on vacation. Kids love to see and do new things, so make frequent stops along the way will not only be fun. But the kids will remember it forever. Take plenty of pictures; this will then remind them of the trip as well. Making memories is one of the most important things you can do for your kids and yourself, way better than setting in front of the TV all the time.


Happy Summer Vacation!




What is Friendship?

FriendshipI was just talking to an old school buddy on facebook. He told me that I saved his life when we were in 12th grade. I just did one act of kindness and it changed his whole life. I on the other hand had no idea that I had effected this person so much.

It made me cry. How many times have we said or done something and never thought a second about how that would affect the other person.

I’ve really had some hard times, when we were making very good money raising bugs and our farm was the focus of all the partys and fun time, but at our expense and time. Then when I lost my son they thought everything would just continue like normal. But I wasn’t the same person anymore and no one cared…

What Oprah’s quote is perfect for how I feel today.



Jim’s Favorite Crock-pot Stew (So Easy)

Beef StewMy Mom sent me this recipe that she has used over the years. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Its so good and Easy to make.

Jim’s Favorite Crock-pot Stew (So Easy)

4 to 6 medium size potatoes cut into medium cubes
2 lbs stew meat – cubes
salt and pepper to taste
add the juice from all the cans of vegetables
1 can chile ready diced tomatoes
1 can corn
1 can Italian flat green beans
1 can fancy slices carrots
1 extra can of water
2 chicken and 2 beef bouillon cubes
1/2 cup catsup
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1 teaspoon kitchen bouquet
Place all in a large crock-pot and cook on high 8 to 9 hours.
Created by Thelma Watts
Fall of 2000